Between me and you, most guests arrive a little worn and weary from the burdens of everyday life. So, it’s an even greater pleasure here to see the strain dissolve, minute by minute. The pleasant and easy-going atmosphere around the hotel is perfectly complemented by the surrounding natural scenery. This is rounded off perfectly by our diminutive spa area featuring a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, an infrared cabin and a relaxation area with waterbeds and a sun deck. There’s everything to ensure the tired bones earned during a day of skiing action or alpine trekking can be relaxed and rested for the next one.

Stay healthy and feel good

Classic massage

  • Full body massage: 50 minutes € 63,00
  • Partial body massage: 25 minutes € 33,00

You can choose freely from different oils.

  • Sports fresh oil (mountain pine, peppermint, rosemary) – invigorating effect
  • Lime, citronella or lemongrass – stimulating effect
  • Lavender, rose or St. John’s wort oil

back massage

Joja Gem Roller      25 minutes € 33,00

Back, neck, and feet in one

50 minutes € 63,00

Full body massage and feet

75 minutes € 94,00


Head and neck          25 minutes € 33,00

Foot Massage – On Zon Su

By treating the reflex zones and energy channels, one can influence the inner and outer equilibrium

25 minutes € 33,00

honey massage

Honey massage improves blood circulation and deep tissue cleansing. The honey massage revitalizes, cleanses, purifies and strengthens the entire organism.

25 minutes € 33,00

Treatment of the hands

The relaxing treatment of the hands makes it possible to indirectly influence the body via the reflex zones.

25 minutes € 33,00


combines the knowledge of Japanese and Chinese health science medicine with modern western therapies. This form of treatment is exercised on the mat on the floor with hands, elbows, knees and feet on the clothed body.

Extensions, rotations, swinging techniques, the inclusion of acupuncture points and energy work cause congestion to resolve and promote mental balance and a strengthening of body and mind.

Shiatsu gives children security and support and they get to know their body in a playful way.

Also to accompany and reduce discomfort in and after pregnancy to recharge your batteries (before or after birth), for back pain, nausea or emotional fluctuations.

50 minutes € 63,00  •   75 minutes € 94,00  •   children’s shiatsu    25 minutes € 33,00

Singing bowl treatment

Singing bowls are placed on the clothed body and struck. The vibrations are transmitted to the body, which is activated, harmonized and stimulates the self-healing powers.

50 minutes € 63,00


By means of cupping glasses a discharge of pollutants through the skin is sought. Tensions are loosened, the immune system is activated and hardenings in the skin and subcutaneous tissue are released.

25 minutes € 33,00

Hot Stone

A massage, with warm stones. You experience a new lightness of your body. Jammed is released and you feel new power again.

50 minutes € 63,00

Ear acupressure with gemstones

The nerves in our ear are connected to the body via the central nervous system. If the zones are irritated here, this affects the entire body.

25 minutes € 33,00

Important massage information


Please book your appointments as early as possible at the reception


Out of consideration for the following guests we ask for your understanding that in case of delay on your part this time will be deducted from the treatment time.


All consumed treatments must be paid directly in cash to the masseuse!


If you are aware of illness, discomfort or pregnancy, please let us know when making an appointment, as not all applications are suitable.


Please come to your application for bathrobe. For shiatsu and sound massage, please wear comfortable clothing.

Masseuse Michaela
Certified shiatsu coach
Certified masseuse

The all-round feel-good service

To guarantee complete recuperation at the Tiroler Buam our refined eye for detail ensures you are spoilt with premium products for the body, spirit and soul.

spa bag with soft and cosy bath robes and slippers
large selection of books and magazines
feel-good buffet with Althaus tea, fruit and detox water
massages after an active day
Sophisticated ‘Stop the Water’ beauty line in the shower area
Organic sauna oils from Unterweger in Tyrol

YOGA classes with Maria Schwabl

Once a week there’s a free yoga class in the wellness lounge or out on the sun deck.

Maria Schwabl is a qualified and experienced yoga teacher who tailors every lesson to the individual capacities of the participants.

Everyone’s welcome, whether they’re already familiar with yoga poses such as the downward-facing dog and the cobra, or they’re taking their first steps out on the mats.


Yoga reaches places motivation never will.

Opening hours

EVERY DAY 03.00 p.m. – 08.00 p.m.