for relaxing moments


Doing something good for yourself and allowing yourself a breather, treating your body and enjoying the moment - this relaxes and unwinds. Stimulating massages during your vacation in Tiroler Buam create a harmonious balance and feel-good warmth ensures a particularly pleasant relaxation.


Classic massage

  • Full body massage 50 min  € 68,00
  • Partial body massage 25 min  € 36,00

You can freely choose from different oils.

  • Sports fresh oil (mountain pine, peppermint, rosemary) - invigorating effect
  • Lime, citronella or lemongrass - stimulating effect
  • Lavender, rose or herbal oil

Back, neck, and feet in one

50 min € 68,00

Full body massage and feet

75 min  € 99,00

Anti – Stress

Head and Neck massage

25 min  € 36,00

Feet massage – On Zon Su

through the treatment of reflex zones and energy pathways can influence the inner and outer balance

25 min  € 36,00

Honey massage

With the help of honey massage, blood circulation is improved and the tissues can be deeply cleansed. Honey massage vitalizes, cleanses, purifies and thus strengthens the entire organism.

25 min  € 38,00

Hands treatment

Through the relaxing treatment of the hands, an indirect influence on the body is possible via the reflex zones.

25 min  € 36,00


combines the knowledge of Japanese and Chinese health medicine with modern Western forms of therapy. This form of treatment, is practiced with hands, elbows, knees and feet on the clothed body on a mat on the floor. Stretches, rotations, rocking techniques, the inclusion of acupuncture points and energy work have the effect of releasing congestion and promoting mental balance and a strengthening of body and mind.

Shiatsu gives children security and support and they get to know their bodies better in a playful way.

Also to accompany and reduce discomfort in and after pregnancy, to recharge your batteries (before or after birth), for back pain, nausea or emotional fluctuations.

50 min  € 68,00  •   75 min  € 99,00  •   Children- Shiatsu    25 min  € 36,00


By using cupping glasses, the aim is to eliminate harmful substances through the skin. Tensions are loosened, the immune system is activated and hardenings in the skin and subcutaneous tissue are released.

25 min  € 36,00

Hot Stone

A massage, with warm stones. You will experience a new lightness of your body. Congested is released and you feel new strength flowing again.

50 min  € 72,00

Ear acupressure with gemstone pen

The nerves in our ear are connected to the body via the central nerve system. If the zones here are irritated, this affects the entire body.

25 min € 38,00

Important massage - information



Please book your appointments at the reception as early as possible


Out of consideration for the following guests, we ask for your understanding that if you are late, this time will be deducted from the treatment time.


All consumed treatments are to be paid directly in cash to the masseuse!


If you have any known illnesses, ailments or pregnancy, please let us know when booking your appointment, as not all treatments are suitable for this.


Please come to your treatment in your bathrobe. For shiatsu and sound massage, please wear comfortable clothing.