Log-in for regular guests

Welcome to the ’regular guests’ area of the Tiroler Buam gourmet hotel!
Every time you stay, you can collect Mair gourmet stars as a thank you for your loyalty!

Activate your regular guest account now and you will receive 100 Mair gourmet stars straightaway as a welcome bonus!

What are Mair gourmet stars
& what can they be used for?

The number of Mair gourmet stars is calculated based on the total value of your hotel bill. Each holiday is rewarded here at the Tiroler Buam gourmet hotel!

Your regular guest account will also be credited with Mair gourmet stars if you recommend us to others. The regular guest area contains various regular guest packages which you can book online and redeem your Mair gourmet stars. You can also convert your Mair gourmet stars into a voucher and put it towards your next stay.

The vouchers are also a great gift idea and can be given to family & friends.
We hope you enjoy choosing and using them!