Yoga in Saalbach

Namaste in the mountains

Those who have experienced Glemm Valley in all its beauty, will return time and again. The unique nature beckons to enjoy the time in the mountains with full awareness with body, mind and soul. Just how varied and multilayered this enjoyment can turn out, is something Sarah and Robert Mair will show you in Hotel Tiroler Buam in summer every day again.

Yoga in Saalbach

Relaxation à la Tiroler Buam

In addition to enjoying a wonderful cup of tea, reading a good book or a fragrant sauna session, yoga has established itself as a relaxing holiday activity here. Host Sarah Mair discovered her love for this full-body workout, which combines breathing with exercise, many years ago. For her, regular yoga sessions are true sources of strength. But in the Tiroler Buam it’s not only the hosts who take take up position on the yoga mats – for our guests we have designed a program that is as popular with yoga-pros as with inexperienced novices. Yoga in Saalbach – alpine, relaxing, exceptional!

“Yesterday is nothing but a dream, tomorrow just a vision; but today, if lived well, makes every yesterday a dream of bliss and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”

Tibetan wise saying

Exclusively for Tiroler-Buam-guests: Yoga with Katharina

“Vinyasa Flow Yoga is my passion. The origin lies in Ashtanga Yoga and Indian Hatha Yoga. It combines exercise and breathing into one experience, with the focus being on the body positions. From this results a creative and harmonious sequence of movements. Physical and breathing exercises all the way to meditation change how you perceive the outside world. At the centre of the Asanas, the body positions. They challenge you mentally as well as physically and strengthen concentration. The movement in meditation leads me to find inner peace. Extended stretching and holding dissolves deep-seated tension.

In my personal, daily practice, meditation plays an important role. It gives me the strength & courage to face the wide range of tasks everyday life brings.”

Gentle full-body workout à la Tiroler Buam – Yoga in Saalbach

Every Thursday from 08:00 to 09:00 in the wellness house or on the sun terrace, you can join in a free yoga session with Katharina.

The experienced and qualified yoga instructor adapts every lesson to the individual skills of participants.

Everyone is welcome  – no matter if you’ve ever heard of yoga positions such as Downward Dog Pose or Cobra or want to get your first experience on the mat. Experienced yogis also have the option of using the provided yoga mats in the room for their own sessions.

"Yoga reaches spots that motivation never does."

A holiday in Glemm Valley

Yoga in Saalbach

The Tiroler Buam is located in the natural paradise of Glemm Valley. Surrounded by gentle ridges and deep forests, hiking becomes meditation and a break a retreat. Apart from numerous tours, which lead through the landscape on challenging or leisurely routes, depending on preference, special power places can be visited depending on the season. In summer there is the forest wellness facility and yoga platforms, hammock forests and library to explore, and in winter you can stomp through the sparkling snow marvelling at the scenery.


Our tip:
With the JOKER CARD, included in the room rate, Tiroler-Buam-guests can use the hiking bus and lifts for free.


Well-being starts from the very first moment with the Mairs – the rooms & suites beckon to enjoy restful nights and a relaxed GOOD MORNING, before sitting down at the lovingly set breakfast table.


And with that the experience only just begins.
See you soon in the mountains!