What we stand for.

We are proud to be a part of the ‘Genussregion Österreich’ gourmet region in Austria. We have also been awarded the AMA gastro seal of quality and a Falstaff fork – incidentally…

Genussregion Österreich

The ‘Genussregion Österreich’ is a large-scale culinary initiative within Austria. Numerous activities and initiatives introduce people to the regional and quality aspect of food.

Our hotel is part of the initiative as a gourmet host and uses products from the gourmet region of Austria.


The gourmet magazine Falstaff has presented us with one fork award for our cuisine.

Culinary heritage / AMA gastro seal of quality

Having been awarded the AMA gastro seal of quality, we guarantee to serve guests dishes from the region, made from Austrian raw ingredients. Of course, we will inform you of the origins of the farmed raw materials and our regional specialities.

One key aim of the AMA gastro seal of quality is to preserve culinary heritage in the gastronomy and hotel industries through the use of regional products and the preparation of traditional, fresh cooked dishes.

Benefits for you as a guest:

  1. Information about the origins of raw materials
    Labelling of regional products on the menu provides information about the origins of raw materials and means that you can trust the quality from Austria.
  2. A wide range of flavours on the plate and freshness thanks to the regionally sourced produce
    Local food guaranteed to be fresh and seasonal and you can taste this in the flavour of the products.
  3. A well-maintained cultural landscape with a unique character
    Local farmers maintain our habitat and cultural landscape which also serves as a recreation space for locals and holidaymakers alike.

For more information, seewww.ama-gastrosiegel.at.